Monday, April 06, 2009

Holy Monday

Monday of Holy Week is over...and almost all of it was spent at doctor's offices. Didn't feel all that holy!

In the morning, I drove RevDad to his clinic in the town where he works, because he was feeling too ill to drive himself. It was an unsatisfactory appointment, the NP is totally puzzled by his escalating symptoms. We've been dealing with this stuff for over a year, and it's just getting worse. I think I finally have him convinced to get a second opinion, with an internist or specialist. The timing of this is horrible, of course, it being Holy Week. So I've been trying to give him as much of a break to rest as possible.

This afternoon, I went in for my prenatal exam, which was a much more positive, happy appointment! There's nothing like listening to the baby's heartbeat to lift your spirits and make you think anything is possible. Apparantly I'm still not drinking enough fluids, but other than that, it was a good report. And the ultrasound has been scheduled - yay!!! We're really looking forward to finally seeing this little one. And we're pretty sure we want to know whether its a boy or girl this time, so there's the anticipation of that.

So it's been a day of great frustration, and great joy. Fear and hope side by side. So I suppose it has been an appropriate day for Holy Week. And prayers ascending for it all!