Friday, February 20, 2009

Taking a Break Friday Five

Songbird at RevGalBlogPals writes:
Where we live, it's February School Vacation Week!
Yes, that's an odd thing, a vacation extending President's Day. But it's part of our lives here. Some people go South or go skiing, but we always stay home and find more humble amusements.
In that spirit, I offer this Taking a Break Friday Five.
Tell us how you would spend:

1. a 15 minute break
With my life being sooo different now (going from working 80 hours a week at a pretty high maintenance church, to 40 hours a week at a very self-sufficient parish), I get these short breaks pretty often. I typically check Facebook, have a cup of tea, or check out part of an episode of "Clean House." That show always make me feel better, I may have a messy house, but its not THAT messy!

2. an afternoon off
I'd love to hang out with my RevFriend down the road!! It's been a few months since we blew off an afternoon and went and had fun. Sometimes we go shopping at the nearest bigger shopping town an hour's drive away, sometimes we travel around the country backroads birdwatching, animal watching, or just to fly wildly down gravel country roads. Sometimes we go out to eat, and spend hours just talking. Awesome fun!

3. an unexpected free day
Ohhh, wouldn't that be lovely! If I didn't have to be back to get Lil' Princess off the bus, I'd go shopping, real shopping , which can only be had by traveling 2 1/2 hours. I only get to do that maybe twice a year, so I start to go through shopping withdrawal. Going to a movie would be great, too.

4. a week's vacation
I would definately go to my parent's place in Arizona! We don't get to see them nearly enough, so it would be awesome to hang out with them, see the sights, go hiking in the desert, go 4wheeling up the nearby river bed, and just BE with my mom and dad! We've only gotten to visit them in the winter in Arizona once, and they've been wintering there for about 5 years now.

5. a sabbatical
Ummm...I'm torn. My good friend is going on a sabbatical to Italy this spring with ther family, to study the Benedictine monastic traditions, and how they can be translated into Protestant faith life (thank you, Lily Foundation!). After our Christmas time trip to DisneyWorld, my hubby has decided he wants to do a sabbatical at Disney World, studying the theology of Disney! I think I'd like to go back to Germany and Switzerland, and finally be able to share that experience with my hubby (and kids). I'm particularly interested in the intersection between religion and psychology, so I'd work up a study in that theme. After all, priests and pastors were the first mental health care workers!

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Songbird said...

Arizona is great, I'm looking forward to going again for the BE 2.0!