Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pain and Dizziness

Uhhggggg. Migraine. Constant dizziness.

Sermon needs to be done...


The bright spot in the day is that Lil' Princess is having a wonderful time working on her Valentines for school. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse valentines I bought are a big hit with her (she still asks often, "When are we going back Disney World?"). And so are the Valentine Toostie Pops...those are a big hit with all of us!

This is Day 2 of head pain and whirling world, and I am so ready to be DONE with it. I'm concerned about being able to drive, and to lead worship tomorrow. Plus, I have an Annual Meeting and Potluck tomorrow afternoon, and a l-o-n-g meeting at 5 pm. So I'm hoping and praying for relief.

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