Saturday, February 14, 2009

Big Announcement

I'm going public this weekend - I'm pregnant!

After 10 years of struggling with infertility, we were blessed with our Lil' Princess. Now after five more years of wondering if it could ever happen again, I find myself pregnant!!!

We are ecstatic, and scared, and tired, and oh so very overwhelmed by this blessing. If all goes well (please, oh please God!!!) the due date is September 12th. It will be a long hot summer, but what a fall!

Your prayers are coveted, and appreciated.


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

(((ps))) Believe me, I understand the emotions of all parts of this. () Those are hands praying.

MumPastor said...

praying over here too PS, found you through RGBP and just wanted to say we've been there, and we're with you.

Shalom said...

Congratulations! We have the same struggle, and I'm so delighted to hear that you're pregnant. Will definitely keep you in prayer as you share the big news today.