Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Reality Show Nite

I'm still recovering from yesterday's migraine, so it's been a quiet day. It's nice to end an off day with the shows I've been looking forward to since last Wednesday.

Project Runway - Design the type of outfit Olympic athletes wear in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.
It was fascinating to watch their thought process. I mean, this is for the Olympics, and over half of them are pretty much avoiding the athletic and American aspects of the design! It was truly odd to realize that some were absolutely ignorant about (or ignoring) who their clients were meant to be. I totally agreed with who they chose for the top three and bottom three, and can go along with who won and who was auf'd. The bottom two - a purplish/blue cocktail dress with red piping and a creamy striped dress with little dark cardigan - both deserved it, I thought.

Shear Genuis - The big challenge was to style the hair of a dog and the hair of its owner in a way that both complement each other.
The stylists pretty much freaked out at this one, and I don't blame them! They don't know anything about dog grooming. The winner did do an excellent job of making both the woman and her dog look great, and they looked like a matched set. And I was absolutely thrilled when the stylist who (in my opinion) should have been kicked off WEEKS ago finally got the boot. Yay!!!! She was almost always worst in the challenges, she almost always blamed someone else when the judges didn't like something about her hair-do (tonight, yet again, she blamed the client!), and yet has managed to make it till now. I would have been seriously ticked if the guy who was up on the chopping block with her had been the one to go, he has shown such great possibilities.

Another night of guilty pleasures is over. Now I've switched it over to the movie version of Pride and Prejudice, to watch Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy discover that struggle and challenge makes the coming together that much sweeter.

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