Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Reality Nite

Ah yes, my one night of guilty pleasure, of tv with no redeeming value! Lil' Princess was exhausted from school, and actually went to bed without a fight, so I was able to watch my shows in peace for once.

Shear Genius - The Finale; it was down to the top three. They had to come up with a story of a life of a woman, and show this story through the hairstyles using an 18 yr old, a 30 yr old, a 45 yr old and a 60 yr old model. For me, the winner was clear. Charlie is an excellant hairstylist, and he had a good story, but his styles made his ladies look old. Nicole did a nice job, but once again showed her inexperience. Dee just did a wonderful job, and I totally agree with the judges choice of her as the winner!

Project Runway - I love these challenges! Tonight's was taking car parts and using them to make an outfit. How hysterical, and what a chance to be innovative and think outside the box! As usual, Blayne annoyed the heck out of me. Most of the designers seemed to have fun with it, and rose to the challenge. I agreed with the top two, they did amazing things with car parts! Leane deserved the win. The bottom two ended up there because they were designing with judges past critiques in mind instead of the present challange. So glad that Kief is finally out, because he showed minimal range. Fringe seemed to be all he was able to do!

Another intriguing week. Now I have to find a show to replace Shear Genius!

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