Monday, August 18, 2008

The Van Has Landed

We have landed.


It was a long trek, a good one, and it's good to be home. We saw our parents, did a quick celebration of our anniversary, did some errands that had to be done back in the "old home country" and then took the long road back.

As always, we wish we had more time, wish we could have seen some friends and more of our family, but we take what we can get. It was a quick respite before the insanity of fall schedules and Lil' Princess going to school begins.

So tonight we settle in, get reacquainted with the home turf, and get ready to hit the ground running tomorrow.

I have several conclusions from our whirlwind trip:

1. The Minnesota Renaissance Festival in Shakopee is obnoxiously fun. And a great way to celebrate our 15 year anniversary!

2. A day and a half with each set of parents is NOT enough time. It was all we had, but still. You need to take the time.

3. Go to St. John University near St. Cloud MN. Ask someone how to get to the swimming beach. Find the walking path that goes around the lake, out to the chapel. It's worth it. Beautiful, life-affirming, God-present, delightful kind of stroll that restores one's soul.

4. A good way to deal with the frustration of road construction while on long trips is to use it as a prayer discipline. While in sight of any orange cone, barrel or sign, be in prayer. When you see road construction workers, pray specifically for them. Many have a tough, thankless job.

5. When the trip home gets long, list all the things you were blessed by during the vacation. Then list all the things you are looking forward to when you get home. You'd be surprised how this can liven up the conversation, and where it can take you. And how it can make the miles fly by for a little while, at least.

6. Be gentle to each other. Everyone's tired and out of sorts to some extent. Wait to deal with BIG stuff until you've slept in your own bed at least one night.

Well, there's my travel-worn wisdom. May your miles fly by, your worries be few, and your happy reunions many. Good Night!

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