Monday, September 01, 2008

How Time Flies

I have been terribly lax about blogging lately. This is because, well, I've actually had interesting things to do and places to go recently! Here's the short summary until I get more time:

We bought a new car in MN this weekend - a Pontiac Vibe. It is awesome!

Lil' Princess is sick with a mystery respiratory illness, and her sleep schedule is all messed up.

Got to hang out with my parents (and my oldest bro!) longer than I had planned, since Lil' P got sick(er) during the trip. Which meant I didn't get to see some friends I'd hoped to see, but it was more relaxing, and so nice to just hang out with family.

I feel about the best I have in about a year, emotionally. I think it's a combination of talking some things out, having the fall schedule get under way, and getting to travel a bit this summer.

RevDad is exhausted from a busy weekend, but grateful that we're home. He and our girl are playing Barbies in the basement, and re-bonding.

So there ya' are. We're home. Tomorrow will be a busy day. Gotta get ready for hosting text study, which means I should bake something yummy, and read the texts before tomorrow morning!

How do muffins sound?

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