Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nature, take it our leave it?

The other day I was raking out the leaves and other crud piled up over autumn and winter in the rocks alongside the back of the house. A supposedly simple job was complicated by the fact that a bunch of tumbleweeds had taken up residence there, and had been flattened into large barbed wheels by the heavy snows. So instead of just quickly raking up some leaves and putting them in garbage bags, I got to attempt to wedge large prickly things into bags with leaves falling all over the ground instead of in the bag. Stupid tumbleweeds!

Then I took a tour of the bushes around the yard to survey the damage the rabbits, deer and antelope did stripping the bark during winter. Some may make a comeback, but a few will not survive. Stupid wildlife!

And then, as I took a break and watched Lil' Princess play on the swing set, the absurdity of all that struck. When we moved here, we were a little entranced by the very western-ness, the "Oh give me a home"-ness of this place, watching the tumbleweed roll across the plains, seeing the large herds of antelope and deer grazing around the countryside. And now that very uniqueness is chapping my hide. Is grumpy frustration with the forces of nature around us a common human trait? (or mostly just found in tired pregnant ladies in their late 30's?)

Today the sky is clouded, the wind is whipping, and the temps are dropping. Our little pleasant reprieve of warm sunny weather is over for the moment. BUT the birds are still singing, the tulips are still blooming, and new life is popping up all over. So despite the fact that I have to teach some bored, unruly, spring-fevered teenagers this afternoon, I will find the joy in today! Yes, really!

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