Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Weekend Saturday

It was a good first (unofficial) Saturday of the summer season. I got the flowers planted in the back yard brick planter, with some erstwhile help from Lil' Princess. She enjoyed watching the forms being put in from the back of the church to our back door, for the brand new sidewalk that will be poured this week...she was quite a helper to the guy in charge, holding things and moving things for him. Very nice, patient guy! Between hubby and me, most of the lawn is mowed.

We had lunch AND dinner on the back patio, and I spent time sitting there reading for my sermon while Lil' P played on the swingset. It's nice to finally be able to enjoy the being outside again. I got a ton of phone calls made, and found out I have a funeral on Tuesday. I even got some work done in the kitchen, which really needed it! Still have a ways to go, but a good start.

The only thing that hasn't gotten done on my to-do list for today (besides finishing the kitchen) is the sermon. Ah yes, the ever-present sermon. Any given day, there is one on my mind, but Saturday is crunch time. I read a ton of commentaries, but all that I got out of them was Blah, Blah, Blah. Nothing inspired me. So, I think I'll have to go with my rather dry idea for this rather dry text Sunday. Jesus' prayer for his disciples following the Last Supper...what does it mean for us today? Ummmmm......

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