Saturday, May 30, 2009

a Full Day

Egads, but I'm tired. Did the third funeral in one and a half weeks today. They've all gone well, but it does get draining. My secretary firmly believes that these things run in three's, and assures me that we'll get a break now. We'll see - I tend not to buy into these things.

Tomorrow is a big day, confirmation service with 8 students. I'm looking forward to it, yet also will be glad when its over...these things tend to be so labor intensive! Plus there's the strain of needing to make sure everything goes perfectly for the kids' big day. The perk is that there will only be one service, with a potluck to follow, so far less exhausting than a usual Sunday. I'd ordered some really nice metal bookmarks to give to the kids, but of course they were back-ordered, and won't arrive until Monday, one day after I need them. Argh! So I guess I'll have to mail their cards with the bookmarks this week.

The big news in our household is that Lil' Princess now has a Big Girl desk. Since we'll be fixing up my office to become the baby's room, we wanted to be sure to make a fuss over Lil' P too, so that not all the focus is on the baby. She had a tiny desk that worked when she was a toddler, but she's long out-grown it. She decided to give it to the baby, so I bought a really nice desk at Walmart, and RevDad spent many hours today assembling it (what a great dad!!!!). Her room is looking really nice. Now if the rest of the house could be as fixed up!