Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Truth in Advertising

Sometimes when really crappy things have happened to people I've served in churches, there has been that moment when they've looked at me and the questions have been there, spoken or unspoken - "Why has this happened to me? Isn't believing in God good for something? I thought things were supposed to go well for me because I believe in Jesus! What happened?"

Unfortunately, there's some false advertising out there in the Christian world that says, if you just believe the right thing, all will go well for you. God wants the best for you, and if you try hard enough, you will tap into that, and all will be well.


I have made a point, especially in confirmation classes and premarital counseling sessions, to make the point that following Jesus doesn't mean that life gets easier. Often it means that it gets harder. BUT....and I go on to share the gospel message of life and hope and accompaniment in this life and the next. And hope that it is heard.

As I've gotten older, I too have experienced moments where I have had conversations with God that begin with something like "I know you never said that this was going to be easy, but..." In a world that trumpets quick fixes, and instant successes, the offer to walk with us and be with us for the long haul is not necessarily comforting to the post-modern's ear. But that is what we as people of faith have to offer.

Truth in advertising!

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