Monday, November 24, 2008

Giving Thanks, One by One

My girl woke up smiling today. She beamed at me from her pink sheets, and had to tell me about the BIG number she knows. She then counted from 30 to 39. Then she told us that in school she learned that another word for a baby pig is a shoat. (sp?)

All this before I'd even gotten a chance to get her clothing out of the dresser.

While we waited for the bus, we wrote our names in the snow using really big sticks, she wanted to use the one that's taller than she is. Then she bounded into the bus, got into her seat, and blew kisses through the window to me.

In this Thanksgiving week, I'm doing some intentional blessing counting here on the blog, and I have to start with Lil' Princess, our miracle baby. After ten years of marriage, a miscarriage, and almost giving up hope, she arrived in our lives, and has been an evolving miracle ever since.

Thank you God for my precious girl, for her love of her family, her wonderful imagination, her enthusiasm for life. Even when she's a grumpy little pain in the morning. I remember so well all those years I begged you for a child, like Hannah, like Rachel, though I didn't have to wait as long as they. All those years you stayed with me and hubby, and now in these years, in the fears and guilts of parenting, you continue to abide and comfort, guide and prod. Help us to be the best parents we can be to this child you have entrusted to our care. Walk with her, protect her, and nurture her flame of faith. Most of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for our girl. Amen.

I am blessed beyond measure.