Monday, November 24, 2008

Giving Thanks, One by Two

I am grateful for this beautiful world, this flawed, but gift of a creation that God has placed into our stewardship and keeping...

-for fresh fallen snow glittering in the moonlight

-for Peter the rabbit and his family nibbling at the corn beneath the bird feeder

-for the sunset over the buttes

-for all the national and state parks that have taken my breath away

-for memories of sumac hill, and the joy of growing up in the woods of MN

-for fields of wheat, golden in the sun

-for antelope running gracefully along a ridge

-for all the ways the world speaks life and hope and the presence of God

Mothering God, you brought your children to life, and nurture us under the shelter of your wings. I praise you for the wonder of your created world and the complex beauty of all that you have called into being. Help me, and all of your people, to gratefully and fully take upon ourselves the calling of steward, and deal gently and lovingly with what you have put in our care. Most of all, help us to see not simply that which we can use for our purposes, but that which you have created out of love and joy. Cleanse and renew our attitudes and actions to reflect your will. You are our source, our hope, our eternal Mother. All thanks and praise to you! Amen.

I am blessed beyond measure.

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