Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Snowflakes Keep Fallin' on my Head

We are in the middle of a bona fide blizzard! The wind is howling, the power went out for a few moments earlier, the heavy wet snow is piling up, and every child within a hundred mile radius is dreaming of a day off of school tomorrow. Both RevDad and myself cancelled confirmation tonight, and are grateful we did! He had to drive 35 mph on the way home, and could barely see the road. I've been thinking about craft projects we can do with Lil' Princess if we are snowed in. One thing we definately will take on is cleaning her room - I'm tired of tripping over piles of books and babies when I walk through her room!

It's actually a nice thought - us being stuck at home together tomorrow. We don't get to hang out together, the three of us, very often. Family bonding time ahoy, just maybe!

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ProclaimingSoftly (PSanafter-thought) said...

I'd better find my boots. We get your weather about a day later.