Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mean Mommy

"I'm never letting Mommy in my room again!"

We are experiencing the "how COULD you shut the TV off!" moment in the house. Hubby and I have agreed that it is very important to be mindful of screen time, and only allow a certain amount of hours over the week. Today there is no school because of Regional basketball games, so our dear little one believes that she is entitled to more Idiot Box time.

Hence, when I turned off the TV: the running to her room, the shutting the door, and the proclamation that I am banned from the premises.

Thanks to a 4 year old's attention span, she will have moved on to something else in a little while, and I will be out of the dog house pretty soon, but the parent's job of picking your battles is never done. Making your bed, I'm going to let that slide. Being cruel or dismissive towards someone else, I'm not going to let that go by.

Other things, of course, are a little harder to decide what to fight and what to let go.

But for today, I'm mean mommy for being the TV police. And that's just fine. In a few years I'll be mean mommy about what toys she can have (NO Bratz dolls!) and about what she can wear (who decided little girls should dress like hookers?!?!?) and so on.

I think I'm going to call up my mother and thank her for not letting me eat tons of chocolate chip cookie dough like I begged her every time she baked cookies. And for giving me a curfew. And for cooking us vegetables every day, knowing that at least one of us would make faces and say "Eeeww!" Mean Mommies Rock!

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