Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long Winter's Day

This morning we had a tea party for my daughter's purple elephant, Lumpy, because, it was decided, it is her 5th birthday. So we drank imaginary raspberry tea and sang happy birthday to Lumpy.

Not a bad way to start off a sick day. Lil' Princess is home from school with a fever, so her dad and I are doing tag team care. This is the first she's been sick this winter, so I'm not complaining. This is something of a record, really, in her young life! Not sick until February!

I got to go to Text study while Revdad held down the fort, bless his heart. It was a good one today, we actually did talk about the texts for the upcoming Sunday. I had been feeling a bit lackluster about them, and our conversations got the juices flowing. Now I have too many ideas, need to whittle it down to a main theme.

Now as my little darling takes a nap (a sure sign that she is sick, she hasn't napped willingly since she was 2!) I'm going to practice for tomorrow's Lenten service and then brew a nice cup of tea.

Mmmmmmm, black or herbal? Orange & spice, or chai? Apple & cinnamon or organic mint? Choices, choices. Sigh. How lovely.

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Iris said...

I hope your little one feels better today. What a lovely tea party!