Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Upside (there is one?!?!?) to Being Sick

Is this not just the sweetest thing? My folks, my brother's two boys, and Lil' Princess all cuddled together in front of the fireplace at my brother's place. We'd just opened the Christmas presents after enjoying our big Scandinavian feast. Now it was time to kick back, watch the kids play, and enjoy being together. Ahhh, Christmas 2007 was good (except that my oldest brother was sick, poor guy. We all felt so bad for him.).

The one nice thing about being miserably sick with influenza is that for short periods of time I have enough energy to sit at the computer and play around. I hadn't looked at our pictures from Christmas since we'd taken them, and its been fun to look through them and remember a lovely holiday with my family.

So there's a bright spot in my sick day. Five shining faces of people I love with all my heart.

Oops. Gotta run. The side affects of the flu wait for no one!

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Diane said...

hey, I love the pic! Try to stay warm out there!

and take care of yourself, too.

You may be a pastor, but you are still human.