Monday, March 23, 2009

Stormy Weather

A big storm is a' brewin' right now. The winds have been literally shaking the house, they're being clocked at 50 miles an hour. By this afternoon a winter storm is supposed to be here, possibly bringing 16 inches of snow. Then the next couple of days are supposed to bring torrents of rain. So, a big mess! We finally got rid of a lot of the snow, and have streams of water running through the front and back yard.

The school called a little while ago to say they're letting out at 1:30, so I'm wondering if school will be cancelled tomorrow, or at least late start. Good thing I just bought some more craft supplies, I'm going to have a bored little girl to keep amused!

Wow. My hanging birdfeeder just went horizontal in the wind...hope I don't lose it!

UPDATE: We've moved from sleet that the wind was flinging straight down the street, to sleet-like snow coming down heavily. The latest forecast is 12-16 inches overnight, with the storm continuing until Wednesday. Time to bring out the board games!

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