Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow, snow and more SNOW!

It was momentarily spring around here, but winter is back. With a vengeance! I had to wade through snow up to my knees to get into the church to check on things there. Most of the streets in town have a single lane down the middle cleared. School was 2 hours late this morning, and the bus barely had enough room to get down the street. Some kids in town don't have the streets cleared by their houses yet, so they had to hike a few blocks to meet the bus.

One of the services for tonight has been cancelled, but the service at the big church is still supposedly on...which is crazy. You can't park anywhere near the church, and you can't even get to the door without going through drifts, and it doesn't sound like that is going to change today (there are just a few loaders around here, and they're all being kept very busy). Even if someone does manage to clear it out some, many people are still snowed in, and I do NOT want my elderly folks going out. So if my leadership insists, I'm guessing it will be me and the few people who live in the blocks right around the church who even show up.

I need to get to the post office today...I'm debating whether to try to drive, or just walk through the drifts to get there. RevDad was able to get out of town, but I'm not sure how the side streets will be to get downtown. Sigh. I'm ready for winter to be over!

UPDATE: Two of the three guys in town with big equipment are, as I type, clearing out the street in front of the church, and sidewalks. Whew! I drove to the post office, and almost got stuck once. The streets are still challenging in many places, but I think some of my younger members will be able to make it tonight. I just really hope the elderly ones stay put!


PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

Are you near the flooding?

P.S. said...

We are about an hour away from some of the nastier flooding. We've had plenty of our own - roads washed out, rivers lapping over the bridges - but no one has had their house flooded yet. (wet yes, flooded no)