Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow Days

So we're still in Miles City. Thanks to the hotel pool, we've had a pleasant day. Thanks to the portable DVD player, getting ready for bed is going pretty well (new Backyardigans DVD). There is about an 85% chance that we'll make it to the big town an hour north of our town tomorrow. There's about a 75% chance we'll make it all the way home. RevDad says that our local guy hasn't even tried to start cleaning out ANY of the streets in town yet. It is physically impossible to open our front door. He can't tell where our driveway is. And the snow is still coming, until about midnight tonight! (the picture used in this post is from flick'r, it is not one that I have taken)

I'm hoping that means that there is no school tomorrow too, so Lil' Princess doesn't miss it. She already has missed waaaay too many days, thanks to illness and our big trip over New Year's. Plus she loves school and her teacher so much, she doesn't want to miss anything. Her teacher is concerned about what she is going to do with the kindergarten class, since there have been soooo many snow days, and she's required to put in so many contract hours in the classroom with them. They might be having class the week after everyone else is done! (which I wouldn't mind)

RevDad is missing us very much, and not sleeping well with me gone. I think he's torn between his desire to have us home, and his concern about us traveling. So I'm sure there will be a lot of checking in with us tomorrow as we make our way east. We miss him too! It's felt strange to be away from home without him. Well, absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder, so this little experience should make us all more appreciative of each other!

I was having some cabin fever before this trip, fed up with being stuck at home all the time, but I think that's done for awhile! Now I just want to get home, be in our own space, sleep in my own bed, and resume a normal schedule. Don't get me wrong, our trip has actually ended up being quite pleasant and enjoyable, but it has been long enough. And I don't really care for the constant smell of chlorine (the bathing suits are drying in the bathroom, no amount of rinsing is getting that smell out).

So, hopefully homeward bound tomorrow! And then all my various relatives can stop worrying so much! (love ya Mom, Dad, and big bro!)