Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Reflections

It's been a Wednesday. It doesn't seem to matter how you slice it, when you're in the ministry, it's just going to be a crazy day. I'm sticking to my determination to carve out Advent moments most days, but Wednesdays challenge that BIG time. I think my confirmation students could have levitated through the roof, they were so full of energy. And I started the day with two meetings scheduled, and ended up with four. I think they multiply like hangers in the closet, or unmatched socks in the dryer.

Nonetheless, I do have some Advent sightings today, I'm glad to say.

1. During the morning meeting with my part-time secretary, at one point we were so off topic and laughing so hard, it took us several minutes to remember why we were meeting in the first place. That meeting made the rest of the day possible!

2. Lil' Princess wanted to hear every silly song I could think of while we were in the car and during her bath. At one point, while singing umpteen verses of "Down By the Bay," I discovered that the goofy rhymes could send her into gales of laughter (which is an awesomely wonderful sound!)

3. I managed to sneak in supper with my Pastor friend who lives down the road in the next town. She'd had a long hard day, funeral for a dearly beloved lady, followed by confirmation class. We had about forty lovely minutes of chatting, laughing, and eating that allowed her to finally relax and unwind. It was great to be able to help her do that, and spend the time together. I had Lil' Princess with, and she provided the entertainment by blowing bubbles in her chocolate milk!

I've come to realize that my Advent moments list today has a common denominator: laughter. Despite a really tough day, with some moments that left me in tears, I got to give and receive the gift of laughter today.

Thank you, gracious God, for your abundant blessings, and your generous outpouring of love, and especially for your precious gift of laughter today. Amen!

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