Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm 13 years old in Blog years

I'm discovering that I really would like to learn more about blogging. Such as - how to find cool pictures and video clips on the internet and put them on my blog, how to get connected to a web ring, and just generally how to do all the cool stuff you can do. As I read my favorite blogs everyday (and boy, is that list growing), it allows me to peek into the wider world. Now I need to figure out how I can communicate and interact with that world!

I tried to connect this blog to the web ring I REALLY want to be a part of, but it didn't work. In a very polite little email, the ring administrator informed me that my blog has not been viewed enough to be able to take part in the wider community. I didn't know this was based on popularity! Sorry mom, I guess you being my only reader makes me unsuitable for the larger public. Sigh. I might as well be back in junior high.

At least the music in junior high rocked. "Girls just want to have fu-un, oh, girls just want to ha-ave fun!" Ah, Cyndi Lauper, where are you when a girl needs you!

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