Friday, March 16, 2007

Reality Check

My precious girl, my amazing husband. How blessed can a woman be? A warm home, food in the cupboard, a steady income, people who love us. Why do we think we always need more than these beautiful things?

My friends and family ROCK. The support that is being lovingly offered, and the prayers lifted up on our behalf are...beautiful. I could cry to think about them, each of their loving faces! I thank God for them all, and feel it easier to take the deep breaths, and easier to seek the better attitude about life. Thank you God, thank you, thank you!

I will try to remember their words and care as I face the many obstacles and challenges each day. I am so loved. Me! Grumpy, whiney, selfish, sinful me! I am grateful for Lent, which pushes us to live in the realization of the greatest love there ever has or will be. Thank you God for moments of clarity, and thank you guiding me home again and again.

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