Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life, Or Something Like It

My Week Thus Far:

Monday: After a morning frittered away, went on family trip to the Big D an hour a way (only largish town with shopping options within decent driving distance). Gave in to the lures of Wally World, bought burgundy curtains for our bedroom. Felt the beginnings of a migraine, but it didn't develop. Been out here in rural land long enough now that it was a relief to get home from the "big shopping day."

Tuesday: Text study in neighboring town where we did actually study the texts a little, but more talked about parish life and stuff. Got to eat out for lunch again. After picking up Lil' Princess from school, convinced Pastor Friend to play hooky and show us the back country. Spent three hours exploring the wilds of ND and SD. Reluctantly ended our tour when Lil' Princess found the limits of her 4-year old patience. Found many beautiful spots to revisit, and show to family.

Wednesday: Prepared for confirmation, subject for the day is the 6th commandment, OH YAY. Picked up Lil' Princess from school, had lunch with Rev Dad (3rd lunch out this week, this is some kind of record!!!) She played with Church Grandma while I taught confirmation, which went well despite the topic. Picked her up, had grilled cheese and tomato soup for supper (yum!) and met for 90 minutes with Sunday school superintendent. Ahh, Wednesdays. They just keep going, and going, and going!

And what will tomorrow bring, you ask? A nursing home service. A few phone calls, and maybe a meeting if the phone calls work out. Maybe get a few pictures hung in my office, though I doubt it. Play with Lil' Princess outside, since freezing cold weather is literally right around the corner, and we need to enjoy the warmth while we got it.

There you have it. My life. Sigh.

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