Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snow Day

After a quiet and snow-light winter, we are getting our due share. It is something of a record here at my church that we had to cancel some events on Sunday, and now have had to cancel all events for Wednesday. No one can remember that ever happening before. Either we're wimps compared to our forefathers, or it's just bad timing.

It is beautiful out, as long as you're not one of the many in the ditch. People are snuggling in for the night. I'm sure the video rental stores are doing a brisk business. I feel myself growing nostalgic for the snow days of my youth. We'd play and ski, then come in rosy-cheeked to slurp hot chocolate and snuggle in blankets. I'm not sure if Mom really liked snow days, but I remember liking having the whole family together on a week day.

I yearn for her hug and smiling eyes right now...I really miss my mom and dad. I'm grateful I still have them, but I wish we could see each other more often. There's a place in the heart that aches a little with time and distance from parents.

I hope snow days will be as magical for my daughter as they were for me. I hope when she is all grown up, she looks at snow and remembers good times with her parents, and will want to give us a ring "just because." That's what I'm going to do right now. Call my parents and tell them that I love them. Just because.

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