Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Calamity Jane and Pie

I read a storybook about Calamity Jane to Lil' Princess this morning, which totally enthralled her. She's a girly girl, and the opposite of brave and intrepid, but something about Jane's story connected with her. Right now in her imaginary play, instead of her princess waiting to get married, her princess (Sleeping Beauty) is a doctor who is saving the lives of all the dolls. The bad guys made them sick, and so the princess has to save them. (I just got the update, one of the dolls is really sick, and so the doctor princess is going to give them all magic ice cream which can heal owies.)

I grew up being told I could do anything that I wanted to do, a strong empowerment of women message from my mom. It has been...interesting to have a little girl who loves stories of damsels in distress whose only goal is to be married, being saved by princes. I've tried to encourage her in other directions and messages, so its so nice to hear some of it sinking in.

Hmmm. All this talk of all different kinds of flavors of magic ice cream is making me hungry...and there's nothing really to snack on here at home. Except cheese. Which is not what I'm craving. Maybe Lil' P and I need to do a little road trip to the nearest town where we can find some ice cream. No, better yet, pie! Yeah, I'd really like a big slice of pie...banana cream, or apple, or strawberry...strawberry rhubarb!! Ooooh, a big slice of slightly warmed strawberry rhubarb pie with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. Ah, heaven! Though unfortunately, I think we'd have to drive several hours to get to a town that has any. Sigh - guess I'll have to be happy with cheese. But man, that pie sounds good!

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