Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Never The Same Again

You know those times in your life, when you look back on them, you realize that they were pivotal or momentous? That things changed after that time? It was a turn in the road? This summer is turning out to be one of those times. I can visualize us years from now saying, "remember, that was the summer when..."

1. Grandma Alice is dying.

2. We will probably be moving over 400 miles away to North Dakota.

There are other things going on too, but right now, these are primary in my mind. Both of those realities seemed unthinkable just a year ago. Now they are staring us in the face. No matter what comes, things are going to majorly change in our lives, and in our extended families' lives. I don't want to sound melodramatic, but this is big for us.

I'm a bit numb right now, so I don't know how I feel. Or maybe, I feel so many things it's hard to narrow them down. What do you do in the face of life-changing events? Today I went for a boat ride with my dad, daughter, and nephew. I packed our things, since we're leaving my parents' home tomorrow. I ran errands for myself and my mom. I listened to my nephew tell me about the fish he caught. I laughed and talked with my brother (and drank a beer with him and my dad, too). I gave my daughter a bath, and got pretty wet too.

No matter the tremendous events that are going on, the rest of life keeps ticking on. There are still clothes to be washed, kids to be fed, and rest at the end of the day.

I've read some accounts where people who are facing a big scary time of their lives, like cancer, or the loss of a spouse, feel angry at the rest of the world because it doesn't stop too. Tragedies and grief happen all around us, but the world keeps turning. People keep doing their everyday stuff. I actually find that a bit comforting right now. It reminds me that there is hope for tomorrow, it helps me put things into perspective, and reminds me that God is always there too. In the big stuff, the little stuff, and all the in betweens.

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