Thursday, June 07, 2007


"You are the light of the world."
Matthew 5:14
I love the song by Cathy Pino based on this passage from the Gospel of Matthew.
"You are the light of the world. You are the light of the world, so shine, shine, shine where you are. You are the light of the world."
It continues with verses; "You are a city on a hill..." and "You are a candle in the dark..." and "You are a star in the night..." It's so simple, but so very beautiful.
The imagery of light is a powerful one in the Scriptures. God is portrayed as light, as giving light, as making us light. I think it resonates with many, because it is so primal. Who hasn't, at some time in their life, been afraid of the dark?
My Top Seven List of the things and people shining God's light in my life this week:
1. The women attending our Synodical convention for Women of the ELCA. They rock! We just had a wonderful worship service together that is still giving me a high.
2. My congregation's kids who are going to camp this summer and their parents. They're committed to doing this, even through the complications of it, because they know it matters.
3. A member of my congregation in tears tonight because she sees how much Christian fellowship matters, and she mourns that others are missing out on something so beautiful and meaningful.
4. The prayer requests at worship tonight: all the illnesses, weddings, changes, and births that make up our lives.
5. The dedication of some folks in the community who can't help but speak out about injustice and the needs of others, even in the face of apathy.
6. My sore back and exhaustion, fruits of a good, long, hard, rewarding day.
7. My daughter stopping everything to pray to God asking for a little baby brother or sister...with pink hair!

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