Friday, April 20, 2007

Post-Easter Deep Breaths

Easter is such a joy, a beautiful highlight of the year, though exhausting. You work so hard to make it a wonderful day, and before you know it, it's all over. I can't believe that it's already almost two weeks since Easter weekend! Things just don't slow down in the spring. Life gets so packed full, I wonder how any of us get through. It's a good thing we have some automatic systems in our body, or some of us would forget to breathe!

In the midst of a crazy schedule and so much on the to-do list that I just want to scream, I look out the window at my office, and BREATHE.

I see bright shining sun, green grass, trees moving in the breeze, and hear birds singing. Whether or not my to-do list gets done, or whether or not I even notice what's outside my window, God and the world just keep going. New life springs up all over, the promise of spring will turn in to the lushness of summer, and none of it depends on me. Humbling and refreshing thought. I can make it better by nourishing the earth, I can make it worse by polluting and misusing the earth, but I cannot make the sun shine or the flowers to grow. It's all God. I think spring is an annual Psalm of Praise to God by the Creation. How can I keep from singing?

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