Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Count to Ten, Take a Deep Breath

The countdown has begun.

Our vacation / continuing education trip starts in 6 days.

Before then the house needs to be quick cleaned and the car needs to be cleaned out.
The fall worship plans need to be finalized and emailed to the secretary and musicians.
I need to talk to the Parish president about some possible vacation time in September and about a stewardship emphasis I want to do in October.
I need to talk with my confirmation teachers to go through the changes in the program, and the new schedule.
I have a telephone interview, premarital counseling session, a nursing home worship service, a wedding rehearsal, and a wedding to do.

And I need to pack. Myself, Lil' Princess, and SweetBaby. Pack enough for two weeks. The baby stuff alone will fill the car to the brim!

I'm attempting not to hyperventilate.

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