Saturday, July 24, 2010

The World is Green (and Stinky)

Poop. I'm trying to work on my sermon on the Lord's Prayer, but instead I'm dealing with two sick girls and poopy diapers. Funny how parenthood and exhaustion work on your brain. Instead of musing on the significance of the gift of this prayer that Jesus has given us, a prayer that so many generations have shared, and the amazing claims we make within it, I have been thinking about the amazing forms in which baby poop can come. This is because today's was really nasty, sort of a dark green pudding that went everywhere. Just when I thought I'd had it all, I had to get another wipe out to catch another bit. Oh joy!

Somehow, I don't think diapers and poop will work as a sermon illustration. Most really don't want to hear about poop consistency. Usually grandparents are the only ones interested!

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PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

I'll comment on the prayer not the poop. About the claim that so many generations have shared (and loved) this prayer. Well, that depends on one's tradition, it seems. I take that prayer for granted. I have prayed it before sleep almost every night, perhaps an exception being when I was exhausted with little kids. My mom taught me. I've heard it in almost every church service and at some meetings. I don't take the words for granted most times, but there is that distinct possibility.

Yet people have told me that they attended such and such church and didn't learn that prayer growing up. Or that they are surprised that people in certain other churches haven't learned it.

The Lord's prayer is so simple and to the point, so much praise, so much asking, so much faith, so much of the essence of GRACE and how we should respond to it. We need to hear this message daily.