Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Baby Time

The plan is that I will go to the hospital tomorrow morning to be induced. If all goes well, we should have a baby by tomorrow evening.

I'm nervous and excited. I had wanted to do the early labor at home, but this little one seems reluctant to make her appearance.

So the plan is to get the last few things done around the house tonight, like get the portable crib set up in our room. Then we'll try to get a good night's sleep (the last one for a while!), take a deeeeeep breath, and head out early in the morning.

I have a wonderful doctor who I feel great about. After the fiasco of a doctor I had with Lil' Princess, I am so comforted to know I will be in good hands.

So, this is my last post as a mother of one! Next you hear from me, I will be an exhausted mommy of two little girls. Bring it on!

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