Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Morning Freeze

Today being the first official day of winter, I'd like to lodge my first official protest of winter:

Enough of the below zero temps already!

Now, I don't mean to be a big whiner, and I have lived my entire life in the northern parts of the USA, but c'mon! -40 windchill?!?!?! Is that really necessary?

I am very relieved to see that the forecast for the rest of the week has us in the above zero temps. Christmas itself should be quite nice, in the twenties. But this is the second Sunday in a row that I've had cancellation in services!

Last Sunday all services got cancelled. Today, it's just the 9:45 service. It's a bummer, because it was supposed to be the Christmas program that Lil' Princess is in, but its been rescheduled for next Sunday. The 11:15 service in the church in the town down the road is still on, and the church 30 miles away is having their Christmas program service at 4 pm today.

The high is supposed to be -5 today. Whooppeee!

It's -14 right now, and I worry about the many elderly folks going out in the cold, about my folks far out on their ranches traveling 30 miles to get to church....

Dad, I blame you that for the big worrying part of my nature, just so you know.

So Lil' Princess and I will bundle up in a ridiculous amount of layers in a little bit, and head to the 11:15 service. Which will probably have 6 people at it. But despite the cold, the Word will be preached, and Holy Communion will be shared, and the Holy Spirit will do it's work. Even on a grumpy heart like mine this morning!

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