Thursday, June 15, 2006

Family Time

I'm sitting at my parents' computer, getting ready to leave for home. I'm sad to leave, yet anxious to get home. Wishing I had more time here, yet ready to get back to "normal." Spending time with my husband's family and mine reminds me that there are so many ways to give and receive love. Bigger cousin helping the smaller kids down the slide. Grandma deftly keeping everyone fed and comfortable and treated and made to feel special. Grandpa beaming at all the kids and grandkids in the boat, and patiently teaching the little ones to fish...reading stories and rough housing. Sons helping Dad do projects, and fishing together. Siblings sharing a movie, talking into the night, sharing memories and current events. Aunt playing at the playgrounds with the kids, and then washing up them up and getting them snuggled into bed. Kids painting grandparents special pictures, playing together, fighting together, making up, and just being the miracles that they are.

It just feels good and right. Of course it isn't perfect. There is much left unsaid, undone. But I know it in my guts that it pleases God to see us together. To see families together, loving and talking, playing and working, with all our shortcomings and gifts. God saw what God had done, and said, it is good.

The road calls me. There are goodbyes to be said, kisses and hugs all around, and that catch in the throat as you pull away and see them in the rear view mirror. How many more times will we have together? How soon before pain or death is what calls us in one place? That will come, but for now we revel in these good moments.

The children are fighting. Better break it up, wipe the tears, and redirect. Ah, how good is life!

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